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Golden Jubilee September 2019 pdf / 3911Kb

The beginning of our Association

Silver Jubilee September 1994 pdf / 4928Kb

Silver Jubilee Rally - Germany

Issue 46 September/October 1983 pdf / 5523Kb

How it used to be done

The International Caravanning Club was first formed on Saturday, 27th September 1969, at a rally (Continental Tourist Rally) of the Caravan Club's East Surrey Centre, held at Osmaston in Derbyshire. Previous to this event, the Wally Byam Foundation in the USA now disbanded (Note: the present WBCCI. is a different group) organised in 1967 the first "Caravan America". Twenty families from the UK travelled across America as the guests of the Foundation, led by the then Chairman of the Caravan Club, Frank Collins, who was subsequently our own Chairman and later President for many years. In 1968, John Jeffery, at that time Chairman of the Caravan Club's East Surrey Centre, organised with the help of others, a trip to the Arctic Circle in Finland. In May 1969, he took a party to Morocco, under the title of "Caravan Sahara". As a very experienced overseas caravanner, he felt the need for an organisation to run overseas caravans to help international understanding through this enjoyable activity. The meeting in the following September was a great step toward this objective, and time has shown that the decisions then taken were both wise and productive. John Jeffery was the Honorary Secretary of the International Caravanning Association from its formation, until the year of its 21st Birthday celebration in 1990.

At that time there was no other organisation that ran rallies abroad. On the 14th November 1974 the International Caravanning Club became the International Caravanning Association Ltd when it was registered as a Company limited by guarantee, under English company law. This gives all members the protection, in the event of the Association having to be wound up, of limiting their financial liability to £1. The basic operating rules and responsibilities of the Association must meet the requirements of the Companies Acts: these rules are set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association which form part of the company registration documents.

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