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Walking in the Auvergne

Thursday 18th - Wednesday 31st August 2016

Mid-August saw nine units arrive St. Bonnets Pres Orcival for a walking rally with a difference. There had not been any reconnaissance made of the area prior to our arrival. It was a gloriously hot day; everyone enjoyed tea and cakes shortly after arrival at the campsite. We were given our walks to check out and lead. Cars that were hired by those in Motorhomes were picked up. Next day we did the nominated walks. Some were more strenuous than others.

The weather played an important part, as it became hotter as the days passed by and so we had to modify the schedule and duration of the walks. The scenery on all walks was very different with magnificent views at high altitude. Lots of flora and fauna as well as birds of prey were seen each day.

We had the usual ‘happy’ hours, which went down well. Instead of our usual Boules, we were introduced to a game of ‘Frisbee’ Golf. This turned out to be very entertaining and was won by Di and Sandy.

We had a ‘cheese and wine’ evening, sampling local cheeses. A visit during one walk to the Volvic water Museum was very informative and free samples were tried.

The highest point reached on the last walk was 1,885 metres, with excellent views of the surrounding area.

The men had a ‘cooking challenge’. A potato dish with a difference and was very tasty, in which they were all winners.

Our opening and closing meals were held locally and were well received by all.

The rally closed with presentation to winners of the quizzes and games. A big thank-you to the organisers for a well run rally once again. A special thanks to Jo Sanderson for her inspired idea to visit the Central Massif.

Christine Gambrell (August 2016)