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United Kingdom

Cotswolds Capers

Sunday 15th - Wednesday 25th May 2016

CHIPPING NORTON - Now that conjures up thoughts
Of Motor Bikes and on the Golf Course?
But no, we’re all here on an ICA tour
To chat and to walk – who could ask for more?

There was much concern that the coach was awry
For our welcome meal at ‘The Gate Hangs High’.
But all was well – We dined in great style
Greeting old friends not seen for a while.

We saw a Bee Swarm up in a tree.
The Beeman said – ‘Now just you watch me’.
But then when he donned his protective gear,
We thought it more prudent to stay well clear.

We came to a Church, very much on its own.
A proud place of worship, now standing alone.
The village long gone, the plague took its toll.
But at least it still stands keeping watch o’er them all.

Blenheim estate; what a sight to behold.
A fitting tribute to a great Duke of old.
But it’s good, as we walk, to think now and then
Of the debt that we owe to all of his men.

Local ‘Bangers’ were commandeered,
And an army of chefs duly ‘volunteered’.
The whistle blew – we all cooked like mad;
A second blast - we ate - it wasn’t half bad!

Some splendid snails came across our way
‘The Romans bought them’ I heard someone say.
Some of us thought they’d make a nice snack.
But being rather squeamish we put them all back.

There’s a fearsome road called ‘The 4022’.
We heard in hushed whispers of what it might do
To unwary walkers who don’t take great care,
But our leaders made sure we had little to fear.

We lunched with ‘Kings Men’ along the way,
As we walked on a hot and glorious day,
To Hook Norton Brewery to quench our thirst.
I wonder which of us got there first!

Our minds have been stretched by quizzes galore.
We’ve puzzled and pondered as never before,
And kicked ourselves as the answers appear.
‘Of course –so it is- we were ever so near’!

Beautiful walks up hills and down dales,
In the gentle Cotswolds, the view never fails.
Picturesque villages, we’ve seen a few,
And sampled those pubs with their local brew.

Many thanks to you Richard for running the Boules.
All that time on your knees enforcing the rules.
Phil and Joan set a very tough test,
But Les and Jo came through as the best.

So here we are gathered once more at the end
Of a really great rally - with ICA friends.
To Christine and Gordon, to Sandy and Jo,
Our heartfelt thanks – ‘cos you made it ‘Just so’.

Mike Parry-Evans May ‘16