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International Caravanning Association

The following Awards are available to members of International Caravanning Association, without charge:

The Order of Bluenosed Caravanners

This was an 'order' originated by the late John Yoxall in a light-hearted vein for Caravanners who have taken their motor caravan or outfit to the Arctic Circle. This can only be accomplished in Norway, Sweden, Finland or in the Yukon, Canada or Alaska, USA. To qualify, a photograph of your outfit or motor caravan with as many members of your family as possible standing be­side it, under the Arctic Circle sign, should be sent to the Bluenose Sec­retary of International Caravanning Association, together with details of the date, road and area of the crossing. The photograph will be re­turned with your Bluenosed Caravanners Certificate.

For more information or to claim an award please contact the Bluenosed Secretary bluenosed@icacaravanning.org.

The Order of the Southern Cross

This is an 'Order' originated by Norman Castle and 'Sonny' Taylor in South Africa. It can only be earned by those members of the Association. who have submitted a photograph of themselves with their caravan (either owned or hired) with the light­house of Cape Agulhas, the southern-most tip of Africa, in the background. Applications should be made to Godfrey Castle, Caravan Publications (pty), P.O. Box 751 Commerce House, 75 Short Market Street, Cape Town, South Africa.

The First Caravanner in the World to Greet the New Day

Air New Zealand are the sponsors of the 'Award' for members of the Association. To qualify, you must provide evidence of being with your vehicle, at The Captain Cook Memorial in Gisbourne, New Zealand, at dawn. Gisbourne is the nearest city in the world to the International Date Line and the new day. An appropriate certificate will be provided by the representative in New Zealand.