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Our history goes back to 1969 John Jeffery had organised, with the help of others the first trip to the Arctic Circle which had 87 caravans participating. The participants enjoyed it and asked where they would be going the following year. The International Caravanning Club was formed on the 27th September 1969 at a continental tourist rally of the Caravan Club's East Surrey Centre, held at Osmaston in Derbyshire.

At that time there was no other organisation that ran rallies abroad. On the 14th November 1974 the International Caravanning Club became the International Caravanning Association Ltd when it was registered as a Company limited by guarantee, under English company law.

The aims of our Association are to promote and encourage caravanning amongst people of different nations. Our understanding of the word "caravanning" included the use of motor caravans, motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles, as they are known in different countries. Many of our events are not suitable for those using tents or folding caravans. A small number of our tours are quite adventurous, and require driving on poor roads or tracks, and staying on camping grounds that have few modern facilities (if any!). New members should be wary of joining such events if they are not used to such conditions.

Our events are open to all members, wherever they live, but we do insist on certain rules, in the interests of all participants on our tours and rallies. For example, it is essential that when members travel with the Association outside their own countries, they must have adequate insurance covering illness and the breakdown of vehicles.

We have found that it is necessary to plan our most extensive or adventurous tours up to three years in advance, and so new members may find these events are fully booked. However, places usually become available later due to the illness of other participants, so do not give up hope. If you are a new member and interested in joining a rally that is fully booked please email us for the attention of the Rally Organiser and the Programme Coordinator who will try to help you.

We hope that membership of the International caravanning Association will provide you with much enjoyment and many happy memories.

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