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About The International Caravanning Association

We have members in many countries, including Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, The United States, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Spain Canada, Finland, Belgium, France, Portugal and Britain They run a varied programme of tours and rallies in many parts of the world. Rallies are static meetings, whereas tours (or "caravans") are where the group moves from place to place-sometimes through more than one country-and usually lasts for several weeks.

There are three types of membership of the Association:-

  • Full members are genuine recreational caravanners of minimum age 18.
  • Family members are designated by the Full member, but they must reside at the Full Member's permanent address.
  • Up to two Additional Family members can be designated by the Full Member, these don't need to be immediate family members or resident with the Full Member (these members will need additional subscriptions paid and they will have no voting powers).

The Council may, at their discretion, award Life Membership in recognition of long and particularly valuable service to the Association.

In 1994, at the Association's 25th anniversary, it was decided that all current members who had attended the inaugural Rally in 1969, should be designated Founder Members.

Members who have to give up caravanning for any reason but wish to stay within the Association can apply for Associate status, this entitles them to a copy of the ICA News magazine and attend as day visitors Association events that do not require a caravan for example a winter "Get-together" at a hotel or a social function at one of the main Rallies. It does not carry any voting rights. Application for this should be made in writing to the Treasurer, confirming dis-posal of the caravan/motorhome and enclosing the appropriate fee.

On some occasions it is necessary for the Council to authorise Temporary Membership for an event or series of events, subject to whatever terms and conditions may be required.

Membership information

Currently we are a small vigorous association with members in many countries. We welcome any new members.

A magazine which is issued at two monthly intervals, gives details of the various rallies and meets, and the contact telephone number of the organiser. Once you become a member you will be able to log into this website and see these details.

When do we meet?

Twice a year Spring and Autumn, These are held as rallies, with the AGM usually held at the Spring Rally. We may have speakers and/or some sort of social events.

How do I join?

Potential new members can download a PDF to fill in and return by post to the Membership Secretary. Alternatively you can contact the Membership Secretary.

What is the cost?

Currently there is an annual subscription of £20 paid to the treasurer, this covers admin costs, the magazine etc. Each rally is self supporting so fees may vary according to the type of rally and paid to the rally leaders when requested.

Got a new idea for a rally?

We hope you will find something that interests you. If there is not currently something that interests you perhaps you could make a suggestion, there may be other members with similar interests just waiting to join. If you are interested in leading a rally or serving on the committee we would be only too pleased to know!


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