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ICA Rallies - Benelux

Netherlands and Belgium 

Bourtange Half Light Rally
25 August – 4 September 2014

Rally Officers: Henk & Yvonne Schnaar. Mail: hschnr.ica@kpnmail.nl
Assistant Rally Officers

This will be a “half light” rally, meaning that some events will be organised and that all participants receive a lot of information what to do. There will be short walks, circular cycling tours and a list of worthwhile museums and steam railways in the vicinity.
Bourtange Fortress is a historic defence structure unique in every single way. It was completed in 1593 and is now reconstructed to the way it was in the year 1742, when the fortress was at its largest. Today Bourtange is a fortified town with fortifications, museums, historic events, market square and theoriginal cannons.
We will visit an old monastery, have lunch near the market square in the fortress, a guided tour through the fortress, have tea with a local speciality in a visitors centre, watch the cannon drill and the shooting, some happy hours, etc.
Bourtange is situated in the northeast corner near the Netherlands-German border in the province of Groningen.
If this whetted your appetite show your interest by e-mail or snail mail. We will send you more information and an application form.