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Enquiries and requests for Equipment should be made to:

D L Hirst (ICA Equipment)
118 Weatherhill Road, Birchencliffe, Huddersfield, Yorkshire HD3 3RA

Price List

International Caravanning Pennants (hanging)                 $7.50             £4.50

“Our Friends” Bannerettes                                             $10.00            £6.00

Special Name Badges strung on decorative cord
(with name to hang round neck)                                      $4.00             £2.50

New design Pin Name Badges with moulded ICA logo        $7.50              £4.50

International Caravanning window stickers (Decals – internal)  $2.00       £1.00

International Caravanning stickers – adhesive backing (Decals external) $2.00 £1.00

Small gold colour ICA pins                                              $2.00              £1.10

Ladies Necklace with ICA badge                                      $2.50              £1.50

Men’s Ties                                                                    $16.00             £9.50

Blazer Badges (Men’s)                                                   $5.00               £3.00

International Caravanning lapel brooch                           $2.00               £1.30

Car Badges (radiator grille fixing only)                            $11.00             £6.75

                                    Postage is extra
Please include £1per order for postage and packing on the items above. Postage rates quoted apply to the United Kingdom only, excluding Eire. Postage rates for US are $3

Cheques and Postal Orders etc should be crossed and made payable to: International Caravanning Association

When ordering Name Badges, Members must give the name required in Block Letters please, for each individual badge.

Equipment may also be obtained from the Representatives:

Netherlands – Betsy Hartman

South Africa – Gerald Hoxley

Germany and Austria - Heribert Unger

New Zealand – Bob Tilling

North American Equipment Officer Ben Chilcutt